Thursday, January 10, 2013

Arise and Shine

"Morning star, arise and shine!" It was really a good private school. They have many resources: beautiful buildings, big playground, two computer rooms, library, music classroom, home economic classroom, and students there can join a lot of clubs which they are interested in. They all have their own dreams and interest, and the school provides the resources they need to pursue their dreams. I met a girl in science classroom, she wanted to be a doctor, she was interested in biology, and she joined the science club. Another girl who wanted to be a artist,  joined a art club. Students there knew a lot about computers and Internet, they used computers to do assignments for other classes...

Everyone can study there if he/she wants to and they can afford the money. It seems like that most students there have a rich family. So if you have more money, you can have more resources, go to better school, get higher paid job, and then let your children go to a better school. It is a good circle, but for those who are not rich, or disabled children, they might be impossible to be educated. Everyone should get good education, but the resources are limited, it is too hard to achieve this goal at this time. So, should them build more schools for all children or build better schools for only part of them? Which one, quantity or quality? I prefer "quality first". If each family has at least one high-educated people, things will be better, the one can make more money and can help other family members.

They also face another problem: special education for disabilities. Although they have been  progressing steadily during last several years and have had a big perfect plan, both quantity and quality of special education still can meet the need. Some people even do not think disabilities need education in this country. Something should be done to raise the awareness of general public. And compare to general education, special education requires  more resources and higher standard. I think it will be easier if they offer some special classes for disabled children in general schools, help them prepare well for inclusion, and then let them join "normal" classes. Because it is more feasible to offer several small programs in all districts than build a new school, and students do not have to move to a school far away from their home.

Anyway, I believe they can achieve their goals someday, they just need time.

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