Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Deaf is invisiblae

Unlike other physical disabilities, deaf is not "visible". One cannot tell anyone is deaf until communicate with him/her. --> It was unbelievable that the children who were laughing, running, shouting on the playground were not able to hear anything. They were very eager to communicate. They surrounded us, used sign language, wrote their names down, and played with cameras just like normal children. They loved cameras very much and they knew how to use them! The 17 year-old boy, Mark, was shy at the beginning, he was just standing and looking at others eagerly. When I invited him to join us, he was so happy and started "talking" with me. At that time, I realized how important the responds were.

These students spend most time with their families after school. So it is necessary for other family members learning how to communicate with them. Fortunately, the school provides sign language classes for their families. I think family is the most important factor that can impact a person living a life with disability at their young age. They knew little about who they were at that time. They learned, felt, or even copied from others, especially from their parents. Sometimes parents can make their children who they are, although no one want to acknowledge that.

I am also happy to know that these children can get working opportunities after graduated, which means they can take care of themselves and be independent. This is the purpose of education and the best thing we can do to help. Disable is not unable. They are able to be the ones they want to be and live lives they want to live.    

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