Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I visited a special education school when I was a sophomore. At that time, I was taught that the students at that school were sick, every faculty there focused on their weird behaviors and diagnoses, tried to fix them, but nobody cared about their quality of life, because they were abnormal. Some people draw a circle, everyone inside is normal, anyone outside should be fixed and reset, so that they can be brought into the circle. Failing that, they should be treated differently and pitied. Actually, these "special" people also have their dreams, all thing they need is respect and equal opportunity. Before this trip, I thought offering them equal opportunity is something good rather than something right. Now I realized that they have the same rights to enjoy their lives, everyone should help and give them what they want instead of what we think they need.

I also redefined "good school". I thought a good school should have enough resources, well trained teachers, high test score and graduation rate. However, when I was standing in the classrooms of the republic school, I felt that engagement is the most important. There was no wall between that two classrooms, but the teachers and students were so concentrated that nothing can interrupt. Teachers devoted to teaching and students were eager for knowledge, although they did not have beautiful classrooms nor enough resources. "Morning star" is a good school, the public school is also good, or even better.

I really enjoyed this trip, I learnt a lot and met some new friends. I wish this course could be longer than two weeks and I believe that disabilities in Ghana will have a bright future.

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