Monday, January 14, 2013

Outlier or outsider

The autism center is professional and well managed. Practitioners there know a lot about autism and really care about these children. The sponsor is a mother of a boy with autism, she understands what these families with autistic children need and the appropriate way to help. I think they have the same definition of "rehabilitation" as ours, they not only care about the f working skills of children with autism, but their feelings and willingness as well.

Mothers usually take care of these children, but when they grow up, they have to be independent some day, they have to join into the whole society. Those who without disabilities should, not the children with autism, do something for inclusion. I really don't like the word "inclusion", why did them be excluded? When did them become "outsiders". Sometimes people repel differences, especially those they do not well-know and they think dangerous. Unfortunately, autism to most people in Ghana, is both unknown and dangerous, because people with autism have unpredictable and aggressive behaviors, which are hard to understand. But if one can see what the children with autism see, feel what they feel, he/she will realize that everything is reasonable. So the key point is that let unknown known and then accept it.

Children with autism are not good at communication or social contact, but they have interests and special skills. They will be very successful if we can help develop these interests and skills, they can work, they are able to be independent. 

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